Business Tools

  • Customer Profile: How Agnes Sold Over 2,700 Tees in ONE DAY

    Agnes K. is a small business owner and long-time user of Backstory Prints. A few days ago, TikTok Agnes posted of one of her designs went viral, netting her over 2,700 units in sales in one day. We caught up with her to discuss her experiences with the custom printing business, and any advice she has for sellers in her shoes!

  • How To Easily Save Your Designs and Place New Orders As You Receive Them (Step-by-Step Video)

    We've had tons of sellers ask us how to save their designs so we've created a step-by-step video to help you save your designs and re-order those products. It's quick, easy and super useful.
  • How to fill your store with beautifully unique mock-ups. (Includes FREE Guide & Promo inside!)

    At Backstory Prints, we’re all about providing you with tools to grow your apparel business. Get beautiful mock-ups inside and find out how to add your designs to them with NO Photoshop needed. 

  • How to (easily) Price Your Products for Major Profit (Includes FREE Excel Costing Calculator)

    So, let’s talk about costing. Granted it is not the sexiest part of running a Print-On-Demand business, but it is THE most important part of running a successful one. Get all the tools you need inside!
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