About Us

Hey there! My name is Yasmine, I am the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Backstory Prints and we've been EXACTLY where you are now.  Yes ... we used to sell tees and hoodies on just about every marketplace you can think of...Etsy, Amazon, Poshmark, Bonanza...you name it, we've been listed there! So we know what businesses like yours needs from a Print-on-Demand company to succeed. There are three primary things that every POD site have to be able to provide: 1) excellent quality, 2) super competitive pricing and 3) fast, reliable production times. 

These may seem like simple and obvious qualities of a Print-on-Demand site - but it's very rare that you find all three of these qualities in one service provider. This is EXACTLY why we started Backstory Prints. We provide services in a way that we wished we had when we were doing Print-on-Demand full-time. We understand that YOUR customer is KING. We understand that quality prints at reasonable pricing, delivered to your customers within time-frames that you have promised are factors that will either make or break your business. 

So, here we are! Ready to serve and help you grow your business. Unlike other POD sites, you can call us anytime and speak to a REAL human or drop us a mail on helpme@backstoryprints.com - we'd love to know what we're doing right and what we can improve. 

We're very excited to have you join us and cannot wait to print your amazing creations!

We wish you all the best in your journey! Yasmine

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