How to fill your store with beautifully unique mock-ups. (Includes FREE Guide & Promo inside!)

At Backstory Prints, we’re all about providing you with tools to grow your apparel business. I’ve been where you are right now – tons of gorgeous designs – but not sure how to create THAT certain vibe in my store. Your logo is a part of it – sure - but the most important part of creating a high-end, reputable store is to have dazzling product imagery. 


Think about it - have you ever gone to someone’s Etsy listing or shopped online and saw listings that offered a strong description of the item but featured no decent photos of it? Or when you search for an item and you get a whole page of possible matches – which are the ones you click on first?


I don’t know about you, but the first listing I click on is the one with the good looking product image. When I look at a listing with bad imagery, the first thought that jumps into my minds is a suspicious “Why? Maybe the product has been created with the same shoddiness as the image…” It’s an immediate turn-off. 


As soon as these ideas appear, it plants itself like a weed in the customer’s mind and is nearly impossible to remove. The sale is pretty much dead at that point, never mind how much effort the seller put into their product or their product description. 


Bottom line – bad imagery kills sales and conversion. 


You probably know this already though – but how do you get really awesome imagery for your products when photography isn’t your speciality? Even if you’re adept at photography and editing, how can you take picutres of every single one of your products? With POD, there are sometimes 500+ products and it would cost a fortune to photograph every single one of these.


This is where Lock & Page Studio comes in. They create beautiful, easy-to-use mock-ups where you can basically just copy and paste your design onto. When I ran my Etsy stores, I used their mock-ups exclusively to create that high-end, polished look. I love that they have mock-ups of just about all the popular brands and lines. Each of the 2,813 (yes!! That’s right – OVER 2,800) mockups feature products beautifully laid-out in either a lifestyle setting or on a white background.


Below are some of my absolute faves:





What’s more is that it is super super easy to use – you DO NOT have to be a Photoshop expert to get your store looking like a million bucks. 

EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR BACKSTORY PRINTS CUSTOMERS: We have been so fortunate to be able to partner with Lock & Page and get their WHOLE shop for Backstory Prints subscribers only. That means that you can get every single mock-up they’ve ever made (over 2,800) for $10 off the regular price. So, you will pay $25 for everything and not only get the whole shop, but also get lifetime access to all their updates at no additional cost.

The way I look at it, $25 is a pretty small investment to get your store looking awesome and start increasing your sales!  

Get your EXCLUSIVE promo code below: 


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There are many tools out there for you to use, but I used Lock&Page so much and am so happy with their work that I recommend them to every seller I meet 😁 You can also get 8 free mockups here if you want to give them a try and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

As always, reach out to me on if you need any help. 

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